Send Settings

Last updated:2023-04-10


SMS_USER is the account used when calling the interface to send messages.

SMS_KEY is the password used when calling the interface to send messages.

  • After opening the SMS service, you need to log in to your account to manually generate an SMS_KEY
  • Each SMS_USER has a corresponding SMS_KEY
  • SMS_KEY is hidden by default, you can click the view button to display it in the interface
  • If you want to change the SMS_KEY, you can click the reset button to reset

SMS_USER and SMS_KEY is important information for identity verification when sending messages through API and needs to be properly stored.


Label can help users classify text messages.

After the label is successfully created, the system will automatically assign a label ID, and when sending a text message, the label ID parameter can be used to label the message.

At the same time, the sending status of corresponding content can be queried in the system through the label dimension.


Anti bombing settings can prevent malicious requests from the verification code SMS interface, which frequently sends verification code SMS to the same phone. We suggest that you enable anti bombing settings.

For example, you can set that for the same mobile phone number and verification code template, only one verification code text message can be obtained every minute.

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