Business Account Management

Last updated:2023-03-07

Account list

You can create multiple business accounts under WhatsApp service, click [Switch Business Account] - [Back to Business Account Management], you can enter the business account management page.

Business account management page allows you to view account name, account number, currency, time zone, and add time.

  • Support searching accounts by account name and account number.
  • Support to register, add and delete accounts.

Register Account

Click "Register Account" and you will be redirected to the official registration page of Meta. After logging in with your Facebook account, follow the official process step by step to complete the registration, and the WhatsApp business account will be automatically added to the list after the registration is completed.
The official registration process is exactly the same as the one described in "Overview", please refer to the overview document.

Adding an account

If you do not see your registered WhatsApp account in the account list for any of the following reasons, you can add your existing WhatsApp business account to the list by clicking "Add Account" and filling in the account name and account number.

  • You have registered WhatsApp account in other registration portal of EngageLab and it is not bound to your EngageLab account.
  • WhatsApp account has been registered but the whole registration process has not been completed because the SMS verification code was not obtained when registering the account.

The steps to add are described below:
1.Click "Add"

2.Login to Meta Business Management Platform and find your account name and account number.

3.Only EngageLab accounts authorized to WhatsApp can be successfully added here. The judgment method is as follows:

Use account

click "enter" to go to the overview page of the account.

Deleting an account

If you need to delete an account, click on "Delete" and you will be able to delete the account after a second confirmation.

Deleting a business account here only means that the account is no longer managed at EngageLab. If you want to delete it completely, please go to the Meta Business Management Platform.

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