List of SMS status sent by users. You can query this list.



HTTP Request Method




Header Type Required Description
Authorization string true Basic base64(sms_user:sms_key)

Parameter Description

Parameter Type Required Description
offset string no start position, [0-], defaults to 0
limit string no amount, [0-100],defaults to 100
time_zone string no time zone,example:+8
send_date string yes format of send date is yyyy-MM-dd
phone string no phone
sms_ids string no SMS returned upon successful SMS delivery_ Ids, multiple sms_ Used for IDS; Separate, up to 10 supported
msg_type string no SMS type,2 represents international SMS
sms_user string no a certain SMS for the customer_ USER
template_id string no ID of SMS template
label_id string no ID of SMS label
status string no 1 sent, 2 delivered, 3 wait result, 4 process failed, 5 send failed
sub_status string no substate


  1. Support querying detailed data for a day within 6 months.
  2. The corresponding records obtained from each query will be cached for 10.
  3. This interface restricts each SMS_ User, calling the interface 60 times per minute.

Request Example

curl -X GET "" --header "Authorization: Basic <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>"
          curl -X GET "" 
--header "Authorization: Basic <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>"


Returned Value Description

Parameter Description
phone phone
sms_id ID of SMS
msg_type SMS type
sms_user SMS_USER
template_id ID of SMS template
template_name name of SMS template
status 1 sent, 2 delivered, 3 wait result, 4 process failed, 5 send failed
status_desc SMS delivery status description, divided into sent, delivered,wait result,process failed,send failed
sub_status substate
sub_status_desc the sub state description is shown in the table below
request_time request time
update_time update time
response_message response

Processing failure status code and description:

sub_status sub_status description
410 Process Failed-Global block
420 Process Failed-Partial block
430 Process Failed-Unsubscribe
440 Process Failed-Keyword block
450 Process Failed-Variable error
460 Process Failed-Content error
470 Process Failed-Frequency overrun
480 Process Failed-Other

Sending failure status code and description:

sub_status sub_status description
500 Send Failed-Empty
510 Send Failed-Out of service
520 Send Failed-Blacklist
530 Send Failed-Busy
540 Send Failed-No answer
550 Send Failed-Interception
560 Send Failed-Break down
570 Send Failed-Not in service
580 Send Failed-Power off
590 Send Failed-Other

Returned Value Example

{ "result": [{ "sms_id":"***_**_**_**_**$**", "msg_type": 2, "phone": "+16235217", "request_time": "2017-02-19 00:21:20", "response_message": "success", "sms_user": "*****", "status_desc": "delivery", "status":2, "template_id": "10", "template_name": "engagelab code", "update_time": "2017-02-19 00:21:21" } ], "total": 1 } }
    "result":  [{
                "msg_type": 2,
                "phone": "+16235217",
                "request_time": "2017-02-19 00:21:20",
                "response_message": "success",
                "sms_user": "*****",
                "status_desc": "delivery",
                "template_id": "10",
                "template_name": "engagelab code",
                "update_time": "2017-02-19 00:21:21"
        "total": 1

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