Product Overview


EngageLab SMS can provide fast and stable SMS sending services and marketing solutions to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios. You can better interact with customers and promote business development through efficient SMS service APIs.

SMS Type

Currently, EngageLab's SMS service supports verification codes, industry notifications, and marketing SMS. ​
Verification code SMS : registration password, password modification, identity verification, etc. ​
Industry notification SMS : Production notifications triggered by user behavior, such as order notifications, reply notifications, etc. ​
Marketing SMS : A unified message notification sent to users.

Access Method

Currently, EngageLab provides WEBAPI access to SMS services, and developers can use the HTTP interface provided by EngageLab to call EngageLab's services.

Using our SMS API, developers need to create:

  • SMS template


SMS_USER is the account used when calling the interface to send messages.

Users can create SMS_USER through [SMS] - [Sending Settings] - [Sending Authorization], while EngageLab will automatically generate the corresponding SMS_ KEY.Currently, EngageLab only allows one SMS_USER.

SMS Template

SMS template: Before sending a SMS, users must edit the SMS content on the front page and submit it for review. After the review is approved, send it through the template's ID call.


Due to the special nature of SMS sending and the review system of relevant ISP organizations, the content of SMS must contain a signature that can indicate the identity of the sender. Currently, EngageLab supports adding signatures and setting signature locations when editing SMS templates.

Tips: The SMS template must contain 'sign', otherwise it cannot pass the review.

Variable Replacement

EngageLab supports the use of 'variables' in text messages.

The format of the variable: surround the beginning and end with %, which is a user-defined variable. give an example:

Welcome to use Ifaxin.Your phone verification code is: %code%.# Code is a variable
          Welcome to use Ifaxin.Your phone verification code is: %code%.# Code is a variable


Usage of variables:

  1. Use variables as placeholders in SMS templates.
  2. Set the value of variables in the SMS API.
  3. Engage lab will replace the values of the corresponding variables in the SMS content based on the request parameters.
  4. The length of the variable value cannot exceed 16 or 32 characters, and the variable value cannot contain an HTTP link.

Naming rules for variables:

  1. Variable names can contain letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and '_' any combination of (underline) or '-' (middle underline) must not contain any other characters.
  2. Variable names are in letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and '_' Starting with (underline) or '-' (middle line).
  3. Variable names must not exceed 16 or 32 characters in length.
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