SMS Status

You can view the SMS status data sent by your account through [Data] - [SMS Status].

Specific data includes status, SMS_ USER, number of entries, recipient, template, request time, channel send time, receipt time, update time, send log.

The current status of users sending text messages can be divided into five categories: Sending, Delivered , Wait result , Process failed , Process failed.

Sending : The customer's request was successfully received by the platform, and the status of being queued for transmission

Delivered :The status of the SMS successfully delivered to the recipient's phone.

Wait result :The platform has delivered a text message to the channel, but the channel has not yet returned the delivery result.

Process failed :The status of the platform terminating sending and not delivering to the channel based on internal business judgment. Process failed are divided into 8 subcategories:

  • Global block : platform level interception
  • Partial block : customer level interception
  • Unsubscribe : the user has previously replied to unsubscribe and will enter the unsubscribe list. The platform will not deliver such numbers
  • Keyword block : SMS content hits the platform's interception words and will not be delivered
  • Variable error : replace variable error
  • Content error : the content of the SMS does not meet the standards
  • Frequency overrun : limit on sending times per unit time of the same number
  • Other : other reasons

Send failed : The platform has delivered a message to the channel, but the channel has returned a status of message delivery failure. EngageLab divides the failure reasons into 10 subcategories by analyzing the delivery information feedback from the channel:

  • Empty : mobile number is empty
  • Out of service : mobile number shutdown
  • Blacklist : the phone number is on the channel or operator blacklist
  • Busy : the phone number is busy
  • No answer : phone number not answered
  • Interception : SMS content intercepted by channel or operator
  • Break down : device failure corresponding to mobile phone number
  • Not in service : the phone number is not in the service area
  • Power off : phone number corresponds to device shutdown
  • Other : other reasons

Customers can filter data by specifying mobile phone number, template type, label, SMS_USER, request period, and delivery status, and can view SMS status data for up to 30 days.

Block List

To reduce invalid sending of mobile numbers such as empty numbers and downtime by users, EngageLab will perform corresponding interception processing based on the sending results provided by the operator.

All mobile phone numbers that fail to send will enter the interception list, and the fields recorded in the interception list are as follows:

  • Mobile number : intercepted mobile number
  • Interception time : sending after this time will be intercepted by Engage lab
  • Expiration time : sending after this time returns to normal
  • Reason : details of sending results feedback from the operator

Different failure reasons will result in different interception times and different interception ranges, as detailed in the table below:

Code Description Interception time Global/Local Can users delete
500 Send Failed-Empty 30 day Global yes
510 Send Failed-Out of service 1 hour Global yes
520 Send Failed-Blacklist 1 hour Local yes
530 Send Failed-Busy 0 second yes
540 Send Failed-No answer 0 second yes
550 Send Failed-Interception 1 hour Local yes
560 Send Failed-Break down 1 hour Global yes
570 Send Failed-Not in service 1 hour Global yes
580 Send Failed-Power off 0 second yes
590 Send Failed-Other 0 second yes

Global block: this interception record will take effect for all users of EngageLab.

Partial block: this interception record will only take effect on the source user.

Users can delete their own records from the interception list. For intercepted phone numbers whose source is not their own, they can contact customer service after confirming that the phone number communication is normal.

SMS Reply

Through [ Data ] - [ SMS Reply ], you can view the time, operator, template, and reply content of each SMS that was replied to by the user.

Customers can filter data by specifying their phone number, template, label, and response time period.

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