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EngageLab provides users with simple and convenient operations for testing and sending. Through [Send Related] - [Test], you can see the testing and sending through the template.

SMS Template

You can view the list data of existing SMS templates in your account through [Send Related] - [SMS Template]. The SMS template is used for sending messages with different contents, which can be replaced with variables and is suitable for scenarios such as verification codes, industry notifications, and marketing.

To avoid the spread of harmful information, the SMS template needs to be submitted for review before sending any content, and can only be sent after passing the review.

  • The SMS list data includes: template ID, template name, content/topic, content type, signature, status, and update time.
  • The maximum length limit of SMS template name characters is 64 characters.
  • SMS content requires signature selection.
  • SMS content can be inserted with custom variables, such as %name% . Please note that the variable name cannot be in Chinese and% is in English format symbol.
  • The SMS content can be inserted with custom variables, such as %name% . Please note that the variable name cannot be in Chinese and % is an English format symbol. The SMS content cannot include characters such as [], 【】, test, or 测试; The links filled in must contain a space at the beginning and end, starting with the format of http:// or https://

Due to variables and signatures, there may be discrepancies between the actual number of text messages sent and the estimated number of words on the page. The actual number of text message billing entries will be based on the operator's return. Please conduct a test before sending in large quantities.

SMS Sign

SMS signature allows the recipient to easily identify and distinguish the sender. You can use your product name, website name, app name, or company name as your SMS signature.

The following are the requirements for creating a SMS signature:

  • After the SMS signature is successfully created, the system will automatically assign a tag ID
  • The length of the SMS signature name is limited to 2-60 characters and cannot contain symbols [], 【】
  • The number of SMS signatures is limited to 100

Contact List

You can view the contact list data in your account through [Send Related] - [Contact List]. The address list function is applied to the application scenario of batch SMS sending, supporting variable replacement and batch uploading of addresses in. csv and. txt file formats.

  • When uploading an address, the system will perform deduplication and format verification. The file size for a single upload should not exceed 100MB, and the total number of individual address lists should not exceed 1 million.

SMS Task

You can use timed tasks to preset the sending task of bulk SMS. The parameters that need to be configured include SMS template, contact list, execution time, and sending label.

  • Recipient list, up to 5 contact lists can be added.
  • Pay attention to whether the balance meets the quantity requirements for this task. If not, please recharge and contact customer service in a timely manner.
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