Application Scenarios

User Behavior-Triggered Notification
User Characteristic-Based Notification
Service Change-Based Notification
Location-Based Notification

As a push notification provider, EngageLab provides an efficient push notification service that can automatically push notifications at the right time based on user behaviors tracked in your operational systems

  • Send welcome messages to new users
  • Pop-out coupons to users that are hesitant to pay
  • Recommend alternative products to users that cancel orders

How to Achieve High Delivery Rates

  • Many notifications can't reach customers due to issues with Google service coverage and Android fragmentation. The EngageLab push notification solution and service support not only Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Apple Push Notification service (APNs) channels but also enterprises' self-built messaging channels, as well as the messaging channels of mobile brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Meizu, and Honor, helping enterprises improve global user reach with message delivery rates by around 40%

Diverse Notification Formats

  • EngageLab push notification service provides diverse notification formats, including notification bar, large text, large picture, notification drawer, full-screen notification, feed, pop-up, and customized formats to attract user attention and improve click-through rates

Identifying the Right Audience

  • The push notification service pushes targeted and personalized notifications based on user aliases, tags, geofencing, devices, and user segmentation to effectively improve click-through rates

Complete Data Analysis

  • To help developers improve their apps' user reach, EngageLab provides complete data analysis across the message lifecycle, including message funnel analysis and loss analysis specific to platforms/channels, statistics on new users, active users, app uninstallations, notification enabling/disabling, delivery rates, click-through rates, and other after-effect analysis. EngageLab will optimize the mobile push service based on your customer lifecycle

Build Direct Messaging Channels to Connect Customers

Our push notification service helps developers deliver the right messages to the right audience in the right way and at the right time to improve user engagement and conversion
Multiplatform Support
Full compatibility with various operating systems including Android, iOS, Web, MacOS, and Windows and fast SDK integration to help apps build powerful push notification capabilitie
High Delivery Rates
As the success rate of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) delivery will decrease when the user inactive time on the app increase, we provide smart delivery strategies that automatically prioritize the device-maker push notification channels with the highest delivery rates to get your message across
High Efficiency and Stability
Featuring dedicated high-concurrency international messaging channels and a multi-point backup system, the EngageLab Push solution enables stable, secure and efficient push messaging, with tens of billions of notifications sent every day

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