SMS Types for Various Scenarios

Reach customers efficiently and promote the business through our intelligent SMS marketing platform. In addition, EngageLab provides 4 different SMS marketing solutions for diverse needs to engage your customers

One-Time Password (OTP)

Reach users in just 10 seconds through a dedicated channel with financial-grade security; applicable in scenarios including registration/login verification, password recovery, and payment authentication.

Marketing & Promotion

Support for content-rich, large-scale, and high-concurrency promotional SMS messaging, including during peak hours; applicable to E-commerce, new products launch, membership services, etc.

System Notification

Send system notifications with a 99% delivery rate; real-time monitoring and intelligent scheduling; and 24/7 operation and maintenance; applicable to schedule notifications, event/meeting invitations, corporate announcements, etc.

Transaction SMS

Send transactional SMS messages to confirm orders, invoices, and logistics, improving customer service and reducing labor costs with the EngageLab SMS marketing solution

Global Delivery

  • EngageLab SMS marketing solution can reach customers globally and legally to boost your business worldwide
  • The unified API can be directly integrated with multiple carriers across 200+ countries and territories
  • Full compliance with local and global laws and regulations on personal information, data privacy and cybersecurity, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Intelligent Delivery Strategies

  • Our intelligent delivery strategies meet your messaging speed, delivery rates, and cost-effectiveness requirements. In addition, the flexibility of the SMS marketing solution enables customers to receive tailored SMS


  • EngageLab SMS marketing solution is of intelligence and automation, ensuring the security and efficiency of the messaging
  • A global monitoring system for channel troubleshooting and performance optimization
  • Higher and faster throughput through resilient servers and channels
  • Advanced security to keep enterprises and their customers safe from fraud and spam

Swift, Stable SMS Delivery Service

EngageLab provides swift, stable SMS delivery services and marketing solutions to meet customer needs in various scenarios. With the efficient SMS service API, you can engage your customers and promote your business better

Go Global

High-quality SMS channels for message delivery within 5 seconds and a 99% delivery rate

Automatic Switching between Multiple Channels

Extensive SMS channel resources, an intelligent operation and maintenance system, and automatic switching between multiple channels ensure the stability of SMS deliveries

Real-Time SMS Status Tracking

Provide real-time SMS delivery and status record, and access transparent billing information

High-Concurrency Processing

Leverage the technical architecture of our push notification system and its hundred-million message capacity to ensure SMS messaging during peak hours

Two-Way Messaging

Improve customer engagement with Two-Way Messaging

Reduce Costs Through Combination with our Push Notification Service

Deliver SMS messages to users as an alternative when push notifications fail to reach; saving costs and ensuring delivery

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