What is OTP?
OTP, also known as One-Time Password, is a dynamically generated, random, one-time number or letter that can be used to verify user identity and obtain user access permissions. OTP code is valid at once and is randomly generated each time, making it more secure compared to passwords

Application scenarios

Registration Verification
Login Verification
Transaction Verification
Information Updates

OTP provides a simple and well-known registration process, which is faster and more secure than traditional password processes.

    Out-of-the-Box Solution

    • EngageLab OTP provides one-time code generation, verification, distribution channels, anti brushing mechanisms, and other services. Enterprises can easily integrate OTP services into their business systems by calling just 2 APIs, making it simple, convenient, and fast.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    • EngageLab offers integration with various channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Email, and supports automatic resend, ensuring message delivery to users and improving conversions.

    Customized Strategies

    • EngageLab offers multi-language, multi-style template configurations, OTP length, type, and validity period configurations, as well as channel resend strategy configurations to meet the diverse usage needs of enterprises in different businesses and regions.

    Statistical Analysis

    • Provide comprehensive visual data reports, monitor the delivery, conversion, and distribution of each region and channel, deeply analyze user behavior, and assist in adjusting business strategies

    Secure and Reliable Service

    Ensure the stability and reliability of OTP services from various aspects such as technology, compliance, and customer service.
    Security Assurance
    Provide multiple fault transfer channels, which can smoothly switch to backup channels in case of service abnormalities, ensuring uninterrupted and uninterrupted service.
    Legal Compliance
    Comply with regulatory requirements in each country/region.
    24*7 Service
    Provide 24-hour (24 * 7) technical support services to answer your questions at any time

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