Promotion notification
Content Update reminder
Service Change Notification
Conversion of invalid orders

Send different amounts of coupons to users according to their labels and stages

  • Automatically push the welcome message to newly registered users
  • Send coupons to users in the payment hesitation period
Native notification experience
  • WebPush can not only be separated from APP, but also be similar to native mobile push on many smartphones. In addition, desktop notifications are also supported on Windows and MacOS platforms.
Support for mainstream browsers
  • Supports mainstream browsers such as Chrome, safari, and Firefox. Most users can receive web notifications.
Add subscribers
  • Through the guide tips function of engagelab, the value of subscribing to notification messages can be communicated to website users at an appropriate time, which can increase the notification subscription rate by about 70%.

Try to send a WEB notification

1. Enter the message you want to send

2. Click「Allow」,Grant website Notification permission

3. Display notification effect

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