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2024-05-28 11:19:58

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In today’s digital world, carefully crafted marketing strategies are at the heart of any business. An average user checks his mobile phone almost 144 times a day for notifications and alerts. Then, why not employ these mobile technologies for marketing purposes? Although it is the most effective tool to interact with your customers, certain factors should be considered while choosing the mobile marketing software that aligns with your budget and marketing needs alike.

Part 1 – What is a Mobile Marketing Platform?

The term mobile marketing can be referred to any marketing or promotional activity performed via mobile platforms. As mobile gadgets have become part of our everyday life and we hardly spend an hour without checking our mobile phones, this is the best marketing approach that a brand can employ. Mobile marketing employs a multi-channel approach to send web push notifications, transactional SMS, emails, and in-app messaging to potential audiences.

What are Mobile Marketing Platforms?

Sending promotional or marketing stuff to users is a tough job. However, several mobile marketing software or tools are available to save you time and effort. These mobile marketing tools provide automated solutions to optimize your campaign and achieve your anticipated results.

As an average user spends 4.5 hours on his/her mobile phone, they serve as the best platforms to reach your potential customers. Businesses often use mobile marketing tools to send hyper-targeted messages as they make use of GPS technologies to target customers. You can leverage analytics provided by such mobile marketing platforms to make your marketing campaign a huge success and increase return on investment.

What is a Mobile Marketing Platform

Why Do I Need Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms?

There are several benefits of mobile marketing tools that necessitate their use. Here’s how a mobile marketing automation platform helps you reach your marketing goals:

Enhance Customer Engagement– A time has gone by when brands used to send promotional messages without caring about the impact. With advanced mobile marketing software available in the market, you can communicate with your customers in real-time. If a customer isn’t on your app yet, you can still reach them via targeted email or SMS. Brands can also incorporate [gamification features or loyalty programs] in their apps to enhance user engagement. All of this is possible with a reliable mobile marketing platform.

Why Do I Need Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

Segmenting your Audience– Every customer is unique, so they must be treated according to their preferences and choices. Mobile marketing automation platforms provide you with some key insights about your customers’ behavior, so you can segment them accordingly. By sending them personalized messages, you can improve customer experience with the brand. Location-based marketing is also an effective way to notify the user of hot sale offers on their nearby stores or recently browsed items.

Automated Marketing Operations– Managing a diverse audience is a bit difficult task. However, mobile marketing tools have made all the processes automated, with little human involvement. It’s just a matter of a few clicks and you can reach a large audience, even across borders. These platforms serve as central hubs controlling all your marketing operations across multiple channels. This spares you time and effort to invest in other important business activities. A Mobile marketing platform also lets you set automatic messages that pop-up on a customer’s screen at the perfect time, often leading to conversion.

Why Do I Need Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms

Part 2 – Key Criteria to Look for Mobile Marketing Platform

Mobile marketing tools are taking hype these days, but it has become increasingly difficult to choose from so many options. So, what should be the criteria to choose the best mobile marketing platform to serve all your marketing needs? Here are some key factors to consider, while looking for the perfect mobile marketing platform.

1. Should be Scalable & Flexible

Immediacy is the key to mobile marketing, otherwise, you’ll miss the golden chance to interact with your potential customer. Therefore, your mobile marketing software should be flexible and scalable to handle a large number of customers. Your business evolves with time, and so should your marketing approaches.

With a flexible and adaptable mobile marketing platform, you can keep up with the advancing business world. If you have the right mobile marketing automation platform, you can bring forth innovative marketing solutions to meet the needs of your evolving business.

2. Should be Secure and Compliant

Online platforms use third-party cookies to obtain data directly from the user. As these cookies are becoming more and more common, it puts responsibility on the brands to observe ethical standards for handling customer data. When choosing a mobile marketing platform, make sure that it skips the third-party involvement and collects data directly from the user.

It’s also beneficial for the brand as you’re relying on any external data source and interacting directly with the customer. Customers also feel comfortable and secure with brands or businesses that respect their privacy and take user data seriously. A good mobile marketing software should protect consumer privacy first.

Key Criteria to Look for Mobile Marketing Platform

3. Consider Return on Investment

Pricing is the most important factor to consider, but don’t go for the cheapest option available. Your mobile marketing platform should provide the best results in the given budget. Look for multiple options available on the internet and choose the one that fits your budget while also satisfying your marketing requirements.

Try to get a mobile marketing platform that offers transparent pricing, it will save you from any hidden charges. The best platform is the one whose features not only justify the cost but also generate a good return on investment.

Part 3 – Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tools for Engaging Mobile Users

Here are some top mobile marketing tools you can use in 2024 to engage mobile users and generate conversions.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive mobile marketing platform, look no further than EngageLab. It stands out from others because of its diverse marketing features that ensure customer engagement and increase conversion rates. These are some features that set EngageLab apart from others:

Mobile Marketing Tools EngageLab1

  • Sending Targeted Messages at Right Time– EngageLab allows you to show your audience the marketing stuff they are interested in. This mobile marketing platform closely observes customers’ shopping behavior and sends notifications related to their favorite products at the right time. Imagine sending your customer a discount offer notification on the item they added to their cart earlier but didn’t check out. This time, they’ll make a purchase.

Mobile Marketing Tools EngageLab2

  • Automated & Personalized Messages– EngageLab enables businesses to send personalized messages based on customer behavior. Analytical data provides key insights into the performance of marketing campaigns. Necessary changes can be made according to the insights to reach more desirable results. EngageLab’s contact analysis, scheduled tasks, warm-up sending, and A/B testing features target users based on their geographical location and past activities.

Mobile Marketing Tools EngageLab3

  • Reaching a Diverse Audience – EngageLab’s multi-nodal access enables businesses to reach a wider customer base even across borders. While targeting the audience, their data security and privacy at given top priority. To ensure data security, the platform utilizes independent cloud services and seeks customers’ permission before accessing their sensitive information.

Mobile Marketing Tools EngageLab4

  • Scalable & Flexible –The component-based technology and API means that you can EngageLab for expanded functionality. The platform employs cloud-based infrastructure to perform marketing tasks and doesn’t lag even when customer engagement is at its highest. So, the automation on a large scale, and that too using multiple marketing channels in one place makes EngageLab one of the best mobile marketing platforms.


Insider is best suited for users seeking AI-driven and highly personalized insights. Omnichannel messaging and segmentation options make Insider stand out from other such platforms. However, learning is quite slow for some of its features and pricing is also not that transparent. You need to contact their salesperson for an exact price quotation.

Mobile Marketing Tools Insider


This mobile marketing software is a good option for medium to large enterprises that require multiple channels and email marketing automation. User-friendliness, email delivery rates, and customer support are some plus points of Iterable. However, it offers limited personalization and analytics. Pricing structure depends upon features and email volumes.

Mobile Marketing Tools Interable


Braze is a suitable option for high-end users with diverse engagement needs. Some of its prominent features include analytics, customization, A/B testing, and robust reporting. Although pricing is based on features and usage, it can be an expensive mobile marketing platform and needs technical expertise.

Mobile Marketing Tools Braze

💡Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud integrates with Adobe products to provide comprehensive marketing solutions. So, it is a good option for businesses that are already using Adobe products. Pricing depends on features and modules, but overall, it’s a const-intensive platform for newbies.

Mobile Marketing Tools Adobe

💡Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the best approach for businesses dealing with Salesforce CRM. By integrating with salesforce data, this platform offers comprehensive services for social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. One downside of the platform is that it can be a cost-intensive option for non-salesforce users.

Mobile Marketing Tools Salesforce


If you’re just starting up your entrepreneurial journey, then this mobile marketing tool is good to start with. CleverTap offers analytics, customization, and in-app notifications at comparatively cheaper prices. However, features are limited when compared to other platforms. The initial pricing plan is free, but you can also switch to paid version.

Mobile Marketing Tools CleverTap


OneSignal is a reliable mobile marketing platform for brands relying on in-app and push notifications. You can start with their free plan which offers exciting features. However, the platform is not that efficient in services other than push notifications and in-app marketing. Pricing depends on the advanced features and subscribers.

Mobile Marketing Tools OneSignal


This mobile marketing software is suitable for businessmen and app developers alike. Multichannel attribution and deep linking features of Branch make it one of the best options to choose from. They have a basic free pricing plan for individuals; however, you need to contact their salesperson for a detailed pricing structure.

Mobile Marketing Tools Branch


AppsFlyer is an effective mobile marketing software for businesses that are looking for a solution to analyze their mobile application marketing campaigns. Key features of this platform include its analytics, user-friendly interface, and simple integration. However, the platform is difficult to understand for beginners. You can choose from three pricing plans according to your budget and needs.

Mobile Marketing Tools Appsflyer

Part 4 – Choosing the Best Mobile Marketing Tools: Comparison Charts

Choosing the Best Mobile Marketing Tools1

Choosing the Best Mobile Marketing Tools2


Mobile marketing is the most effective way to reach a wider audience in an increasingly digital world. It not only allows you to interact with your audience directly but also leads to high conversion rates to maximize your revenue. However, selecting the most efficient mobile marketing platform from a diverse range of options requires careful analysis and cost-benefit analysis.

If you need a comprehensive mobile marketing platform that enables you to send personalized notifications across multiple channels to enhance global reach, then EngageLab is a good fit for you. Sign up and start your free trial today!