API Keys

Last updated:2023-03-07

When using the EngageLab OTP API to generate or verify a code, you need to create an API Basic authentication key. Therefore, it's necessary to create one on the "API Keys" page of EngageLab OTP.

Reminder: Anyone or any system with access to your API key can use your OTP service data. Do not provide it to third parties.

Create Key

If you haven't created a key yet, click "Create Now" to do so.

EngageLab API Key Creation

Follow the prompts to fill in the API key description, validity date, IP whitelist, and set API permissions.

  • If no validity date is specified, the key is valid indefinitely.
  • The IP whitelist can be left empty; if empty, the request IP will not be verified. If set, only IPs on the list will be allowed to send API requests, otherwise, the system will reject the request.
  • API permissions control whether the key supports the "Send API" and "Verify API".

EngageLab API Key Creation

Once created, the system will automatically generate a DevKey and DevSecret.

EngageLab API Key Autogeneration

Click on the row to enter the details page, get the DevKey and DevSecret, and provide them to your developer.

EngageLab API Key View

Edit Key

If you need to edit an API key, click "Edit" to enter the API key editing page.

EngageLab API Key Edit

You can modify the key description, reset the DevSecret, change the validity date, IP whitelist, and API permissions.

EngageLab API Key Edit Details

Disable Key

If you need to disable a key, click "Disable": EngageLab API Key Disable

You can then view the status of the OTP key, which will show as "Disabled" in the EngageLab OTP application. EngageLab API Key Disabled Status

Enable Key

If you need to enable a disabled EngageLab OTP key, click "Enable": EngageLab API Key Enable

The status of the OTP key will then show as "Enabled". EngageLab API Key Enabled Status

Delete Key

If you need to delete an EngageLab OTP key, click "Delete" and confirm to delete. EngageLab API Key Deletion

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