Last updated:2024-06-13

Create Template

In the Message Center under the Template Management menu, click the Create Template button to enter the template creation page:

EngageLab OTP Template Creation

Follow the instructions in the image to fill in the necessary template information for EngageLab OTP, including template name, template ID, brand name, one-time password length, and expiration time.

  1. The template ID should not exceed 30 characters, supports only alphanumeric characters and underscores, and must be unique within the application. This value is needed in the OTP send API.

  2. The one-time password length can range from 4 to 10 and supports combinations of numbers, uppercase English letters, or both.

  3. The one-time password expiration time can be set to 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. For longer expiration times, please contact business support, online customer service, or email support@engagelab.com to request.

Sending Strategy Configuration

If you are using the SMS channel to send OTP (One-Time Password) verification codes, the sending strategy should choose SMS:

EngegeLab SMS Template Configuration

There are two optional content styles for the template: one is "adding security suggestions," and the other is "adding the validity period of the one-time password." You can set these according to your needs.

Other channels are configured similarly to the SMS channel.

Additionally, EngageLab OTP also supports intelligent failover resending strategies. For instance, if the WhatsApp channel fails to deliver or delivery is delayed, the system will automatically resend using the SMS channel. If the SMS channel also fails to deliver or is delayed, the Voice channel will be used for resending.

When selecting the Automatic failover resending WhatsApp->SMS->Voice strategy, you need to sequentially select the template content for these three channels: WhatsApp, SMS, and Voice.

EngegeLab WhatsApp Template Configuration

EngegeLab SMS Template Configuration

EngegeLab Voice Template Configuration

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