Omnichannel User Reach

EngageLab integrates mainstream user reach channels and helps quickly build your user reach systems through the Notify API and ConverSations API. The omnichannel marketing platform and solutions help customers better reach through every touchpoint

Multichannel Delivery

  • The omnichannel marketing platform includes APP push, Email, SMS, Whatsapp, and so on, which reach customers in multiple channels
  • Stable and reliable self-built channels
  • Full coverage of mainstream channels
  • Fast access
  • Diverse and easy-to-use APIs

Intelligent Delivery Strategies

  • The omnichannel messaging platform, equipped with intelligent communication API, provides better delivery more intelligently
  • Multichannel re-delivery
  • Multichannel distribution
  • Flexible messaging strategies
  • Low messaging costs

Full-link Data Analysis

  • The omnichannel messaging platform can analyze the customer engagement data and help you make a better marketing solution and plan for the next period
  • Full-lifecycle message management
  • Message loss analysis
  • User behavior analysis
  • After-effect analysis & operation optimization

Powerful, easy-to-use APIs

Your apps can utilize the standard REST API to call all critical functions. The following functions can help you better operate the omnichannel marketing platform and reach customers

Common Message Delivery

Flexible channel selection and intelligent adjustment of message formats in accordance with individual channel specifications

Template Message Delivery

Send messages through all channels by choosing just one variable in our preset message formats and templates

Message Recall

Messages can be recalled within 24 hours to rectify accidents or mistakes

User Management

Manage users’ contact information and tags across channels for message re-delivery, distribution and statistical analysis

Multimedia System

Unified management of images, videos and files across channels for email attachments and content-rich messaging

Batch Request

Set up messages for multiple target user groups with a single batch request, relieving server pressure

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