User Status

Last updated:2022-12-05

Go to [Statistics] - [User Statistics] - [User Status] page, you can view charts and detailed data of new users, active users and online users, and support filtering by date.

  • New user: a new MTPush registered user. When the application is started for the first time and the network is normal, the MTPush SDK will initiate MTPush internal registration.
  • Active user: active means that the user has clicked to open the application at least once a day. For Android applications, you need to implement the statistical analysis API first.
  • Online users:The number of users who have successfully connected ours SDK to the server network. The statistics are calculated when the connection is made once a day. Due to network reasons, this number will be slightly lower than the actual number of currently installed users.


Export data

Click "Export" on the right to export detailed data. image.png

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