Open Service

Last updated:2022-12-07

Create an account

1.Go to the Engagelab registration page, fill in your email and password and click "Sign Up".image.png

2.After filling in the email verification code, you need to fill in the organization name and website name, and select the organization time zone.

Once the time zone is selected, it will not be changed!

image.png 3.Click "Next" to enter the Engagelab main page, you can view recents, pending services, orders & bills, notification, FAQ, downloads and documents. image.png

Open Service

Under the product you need to activate the service, click on "Get Start". image.png
After opening the service, the corresponding product is displayed in the "Service has been opened" module, and a 7-day trend and conversion chart is displayed. image.png

Go to the service subsite

Click "Send Message" to enter the sub-site of the service. image.png

The first time you enter the subsite, you need to create an application. Fill in the application name and click "Confirm" to create it successfully. image.png
Once created, click "Enter" to access the application and use the subsite service. image.png Later, you can access the subsite directly by clicking "WebPush" in the recents or "Send Message" in the opened services. image.png

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