Delivery Response



List of email status.

You can check status of your emails in this list.



HTTP Request Method



Request Header

Header Type Required Description
Authorization String true Basic base64(api_user:api_key)

Query Parameter Description

parameter type required or not description
offset string no start position, [0-], defaults to 0
limit int no amount, [0-100],defaults to 100
send date string yes format of send date is yyyy-MM-dd
email string no recipient address
email_ids string no emailId will be returned after an email was sent with api successfully; addresses are separated by semicolons, e.g. email_ids=a;b;c
api_user string api_user name
domain_name string receiving domain, for example:
label_id string no label ID corresponding to the created label
status string status . Sending status  value is 18 , delivered status  value is 1, soft bounce status  value is 5, invalid email status  value is  4 .
sub_status string multiple sub_status, separated by semicolons, e.g. sub_status=a;b;c .When this parameter is passed in, the status parameter is invalid.


  1. 100 records is defaulted for each search. You need to specify limit and offset if the records exceeds 100.
  2. Each query record will be cached for 10 minutes.
  3. This interface restricts each user account to call the interface 60 times per minute. If you can't meet your needs, please use WebHook.
sub_status sub_status description
401 Invalid Email-Blacklist
402 Invalid Email-Unsubscribe
403 Invalid Email-Server Error
404 Invalid Email-Format Error
405 Invalid Email-IP Rejection
406 Invalid Email-Not Exist
407 Invalid Email-Junk Mail
408 Invalid Email-Rejected
409 Invalid Email-Others
503 Soft bounce-Server Error
505 Soft bounce-IP Rejection
506 Soft bounce-Not Exist
507 Soft bounce-Spam Rejected
508 Soft bounce-Rejected
509 Soft bounce-Others

Request Example:

curl "***;***" --header "Authorization: Basic <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>"
          curl "***;***" --header "Authorization: Basic <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>"


Returned Value Description

Field Description
email recipient address
email_id emailId will be returned after an email was sent with api successfully
api_user api_user name
status email status
status_desc status description
sub_status 401-509 invalid status code
sub_status_desc Invalid or soft bounce subclass description
request_time request time
update_time update time
response_message response

Returned Value Example

{ "result": [ { "email_id": "$", "api_user": "zymtest4", "email": "", "request_time": "2022-11-10T15:39:01+0800", "update_time": "2022-11-10T17:34:16+0800", "status": 4, "sub_status": 409, "status_desc": "Invalid Email", "sub_status_desc": "Other", "response_message": "Other(scheduler: deleted)" } ], "total": "48675", "count": 1 }
    "result": [
            "email_id": "$",
            "api_user": "zymtest4",
            "email": "",
            "request_time": "2022-11-10T15:39:01+0800",
            "update_time": "2022-11-10T17:34:16+0800",
            "status": 4,
            "sub_status": 409,
            "status_desc": "Invalid Email",
            "sub_status_desc": "Other",
            "response_message": "Other(scheduler: deleted)"
    "total": "48675",
    "count": 1

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