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Have you ever wondered how businesses bring back customers who haven't shown up in a while? The secret is often a re-engagement email.

Think of a customer who was actively ordering from your website but has not opened any of your emails for months. Rather than becoming disconnected, you e-mail them a short, personal note.

This re-engagement email can help them to remember what they are missing, provide them with a special offer, or just contact old customers. It is just like reconnecting with a long-lost friend to renew the friendship.

This article will teach you how to do simple re-engagement emails that will drive customers back to your business. Ready to reconnect? Let’s dive in!

What is a Re-engagement Email?

Re-engagement Email is a specific kind of message that is sent to those customers who have not contacted the brand for a long period. It is a subtle way of ensuring that they remember your business.

Such emails are meant to remind the customers and make them want to return to your store or website.

What is a Re-engagement Email

So Why is it Important for your Business?

In the current business environment, retaining customer relationships is very important. Even the smallest businesses today employ re-engagement campaigns to maintain their product’s relevance to their audience.

Here's why these campaigns are key to your business success:

  • Boosts Customer Retention: Win-back campaigns can help to win back old clients who stopped using your brand but are now using the services of your competitors.
  • Increases Sales Opportunities: Such messages can help to nurture the behavior of former clients when purchasing your products or services, which they would not do on their own.
  • Enhances Email Deliverability: Emails sent to your customer regularly may help in the positive enhancement of the overall email performance metrics which would mean that most of your messages are not going to end up in the spam folder.
  • Gathers Valuable Feedback: Re-engagement emails also have an option of asking the customers to tell you why they are not engaging in your services and the information will help you to improve your services or the customer service.
  • Strengthens Brand Recall: These campaigns help to ensure that the customers continue associating your brand in their minds so that it is the first thing that comes to mind when they need a product or a service that you offer.

Creating campaigns such as re-engagement emails helps you to stay top of mind and be germane to the people if you want to keep your business going.

How to Reconnect Effectively: Email Re-Engagement for Inactive Customers

It is an art and science combining the best practices and experience to craft re-engagement emails.

Re-engagement Email intro

Here are six best practices to make sure your re-engagement campaigns hit the mark and customers back to your fold: Here are six best practices to make sure your re-engagement campaigns hit the mark and bring customers back to your fold:

1. Segment Your Audience

The value of inactive customers is different for every company. Group them according to their past behaviors, past purchases, or the period of inactivity.

For example, when you use an email re-engagement strategy, uniquely send the email to someone who has not opened an email in 3 months but has purchased something recently, rather than someone who has not bought anything in the last year.

2. Personalize Your Message

Try to customize the emails based on the information you have about your customers.

It can be as simple as “We miss you!” But it is better to identify something specific, “We see you visited us before and you liked our environment-friendly products…” makes the message feel more personal and relevant.

3. Offer a Compelling Incentive

It is a common tactic to offer a patron some incentive to return. It can be a discount, a small gift, or even the promise of new and better products for those who signed up for the list.

For example, “We miss you! Visit again and get a 20% discount on your products!”.

4. Optimize Your Subject Lines

The first point of contact with your customers in their inbox is the subject line. Make it concise and involving so that a person opening that e-mail will find it stimulating enough to open it and read it.

A subject line like, “Your guess is as good as ours” can build excitement.

5. Test and Optimize

Try A/B testing separate parts of your re-engagement email campaign to discover what resonates most with readers. Always experiment with different subject lines, offers, email designs, and ways to enhance engagement.

6. Follow Up

What if your first re-engagement attempt fails to attract anyone’s attention? Do not worry – it does not mean that all is lost. A few weeks later, send one final e-mail reminder.

Reaching out again might be just what is needed since people are sometimes busy, and sending the email a second time might find them when they are not rushed.

If these practices are adopted in the company, the re-engagement emails sent out will be able to successfully get back inactive customers and make them participating customers.

8 Re-engagement Email Examples for a Marketing Campaign

Re-engagement Email Examples1

Do you feel like you need to win back your customers? Here are eight creative re-engagement email examples that can breathe new life into your marketing campaigns:

1. The "We Miss You" Email

Subject: Good to see you again! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you around [Brand Name]!

Content: “We’ve been working hard to enhance everything, especially for you [Name]! Check out our new stuff and use this coupon code for 15% off your next order!”

2. The Feedback Request Email

Subject: ‘We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you on how we can be better!’.

Content: “Hello [Name], we value your contribution to our company’s thoughts. Would it be possible for you to take one minute so that we can ask you what would make you come back? To say thank you we will offer them 10% off their next order!

3. The Milestone Email

Subject: ”One Year with Us – And We Have a Gift for You”.

Content: “Hello [Name], We are so glad to have you stick around for a year now. We love you and as a way of saying thank you here is 20% off this week!”

4. The Update Announcement Email

Subject: Change: ‘New things are happening at [Brand Name]!’.

Content: “Hello [Name], we have some breaking news and features that you will enjoy as a subscriber. Here are the New and special offers for you as a subscriber”.

5. The Exclusive Offer Email

Subject: ”A surprise for the absent colleagues”– this is what was written on the board.

Content: “Dear [Name], hope you are doing well, it has been a long time since you visited us we decided to extend this offer to you, to get you back our 25% discount offer is available now for you!”

Re-engagement Email Examples2

6. The Reminder Email

Subject: “Your shopping cart is looking a little empty today.”

Content: “Hey [Name], you forgot to check out some cool picks! Checkout with a 10% discount as our special way of saying ‘well played!’ ”.

7. The Re-Engagement Challenge Email

Subject: ”Do you want to join a team of people who aim to work on brilliant projects?”.

Content: “Hello [Name], do you want to participate in our 30-day challenge and receive rewards one day at a time? Daily login required, do tasks, and get rewarded with exclusive discounts!”

8. The Newsletter Highlight Email

Subject: ”It’s great that you have decided to join our family!”.

Content: “Hello [Name], many of our latest newsletter issues contained great stories and offers. Here is a short preview just for you. and be sure to check out future updates and surprises!”.

Efficient Tools

All these emails are to stand out, contain a specific and concise action step, and make your customers feel special and neglected. Use them to write more templates for the re-engagement email campaign and boost your customer involvement!

Efficient Tools You Need for Re-engagement Emails

If you want to launch a re-engagement email campaign, you will need to use the right tools to create, design, and deliver your emails. undefined

1. Email Marketing Platforms:

Mailchimp: Being one of the easiest email marketing platforms to use, Mailchimp is a great choice for creating and scheduling re-engagement campaigns.

Constant Contact: It offers more template choices and real-time reports to track the effectiveness of your re-engagement campaign.

2. Template and Design Tools:

Canva: Canva is an online tool that allows you to design beautiful emails with minimal graphic design knowledge. It is perfect for giving a personal and unique style to emails.

Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is another great tool for designing professional-looking emails as the platform provides lots of templates and design tools for email marketing.

3. Analytics and Optimization Tools:

HubSpot: HubSpot also helps to track interactions and use analytics to adjust your strategies.

Google Analytics: Adding Google Analytics to your email marketing will offer information on the behavior of the recipients on your website after clicks.

4. Engagement Enhancement Tools:

OptinMonster: This tool is great for lead generation and can be used to generate eye-catching pop-ups that entice old visitors to sign up for your emails.

ActiveCampaign: Email marketing, automation, and CRM tools allow easier personalization of re-engagement emails based on user activities and interests.

5. Push Notification Services:

OneSignal: A useful feature that enables you to send relevant push messages alongside emails to enhance the visibility of your re-engagement campaigns.

PushEngage: PushEngage is a re-engagement platform for push notifications that works well with email.

Want All in One?

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your re-engagement email campaigns and other customer communication needs, EngageLab might be just what you need.

EngageLab provides a world-leading customer engagement platform that integrates several communication services under one roof.

It allows businesses to reach their customers efficiently through multiple channels including app push, web push, SMS, email, and WhatsApp Business API. This makes it easier to manage campaigns and ensures that messages are delivered effectively to a global audience.

What You Get:

  • Multi-Channel Messaging: EngageLab supports app push, web push, SMS, email, and WhatsApp channels, which provide various options for customer engagement.
  • High Delivery Rates: It is known for its high delivery rates which means that your messages will be delivered to your customers.
  • Developer-Friendly API: The integration process for EngageLab is relatively simple, as the company offers SDKs and APIs that developers can leverage.
  • Professional Support: It also features a powerful team of support that helps with technical problems and enhances your messaging plans.
  • Analytics and Reporting: EngageLab provides comprehensive insights and reporting tools to measure the success of your campaigns.
  • Global Reach: It works with people all over the world, including many in Asia, to assist businesses in their growth.
  • Secure and Stable: It also ensures that communications are secure and the service is maintained even at heavy call volumes.
  • Easy Integration: With tools that support a fast start and connection, you can easily start your campaigns.

EngageLab's comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to consolidate their engagement tools into a single, effective platform.

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Efficient Tools You Need for Re-engagement Emails3


Re-engagement emails are a vital tool for reconnecting with inactive customers and reigniting their interest in your offerings. Utilize platforms like EngageLab and streamline your communication strategies across multiple channels efficiently.

EngageLab provides an all-in-one solution with robust features designed to enhance customer engagement. Ready to see the difference it can make for your business? Sign up today for a free trial at EngageLab and start transforming your marketing campaigns into powerful customer re-engagement strategies.

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