Timed Task

อัพเดทล่าสุด :2022-12-05

Timed tasks refer to pushes that are delivered at a specified time. This article aims to guide users on how to manage timed tasks for notification messages and custom messages on the Engagelab console.

Create a timed task

On the [Push]-[Create a Push]-[Notification/Custom Message] page, select "Delayed" for the sending time when creating a message, and select the date and time to be sent. image.png

Task list

After successfully creating a timed push, go to the [Timed Tasks]-[Notification Message/Custom Message] page, you can view all the timed tasks that have been created but not delivered, support task filtering by method and date, and support viewing details, editing, Forward, delete and other operations.



Click "Details" to view the push parameters, sending number and other details of the timed task. image.png image.png


Before the scheduled delivery time, click "Edit" to modify the timed task that has been created.



Before the scheduled delivery time, click "Forward" to reuse the parameters of the specified timed task to quickly add a new timed task.

  • This operation will generate a new "timed task"!



Select the task to be deleted, click "Delete", and after the second confirmation, the timed task can be deleted. image.png

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