Push Statistics

อัพเดทล่าสุด :2022-12-05

Parameter description

Go to the [Statistics] - [Push Statistics] page, you can view the chart and detailed data of the push target, push quantity, number of clicks and customized clicks.You can filter by date.

  • Push target: The number of users that has matched the push condition.
  • Push Quantity: Portal and API operations are calculated together, including notifications and custom messages. The number of web platform push is the total number of users' actual push in successes.
  • Number of clicks: the number of times users open the application by clicking the message in notification bar. For Android applications, you need to implement the statistical analysis API first.
  • Customized Click: for Web, you need to call the Web statistics API “customClickReport” to use customize message push.


Export data

Click "Export" on the right to export detailed data. image.png

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