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Template Message

Several scenarios for sending template messages :

  • Send messages in batches (such as marketing campaign information)
  • You expect to proactively send a message to a user when they haven't contacted you.
  • Trigger messages (such as verification codes), generally Call API send template messages

Basic settings

  • Sending number : Select a sending number that has completed verification.
    • If the sending number status is abnormal, it cannot be selected. In this case, go to the sending number Management page to process the status of the number.
  • Sending Time : Send immediately
  • Recipient number : manual input and file Upload
    • Enter manually : The added number must have an international area code, for example, + 8520xxxxxx, and press Enter to continue. You can Enter up to 50 numbers.
    • File upload : the file size cannot exceed 10m; TXT type; The content is utf-8 encoding method; One mobile phone number object per line

      Note : The recipient number must be registered in the WhatsApp App to receive the message.

Message template

1.Choose a template and language

  • When creating a template on the Message Template management page, you can create template content in multiple languages for a template name, so you need to select a specific language when sending a message.

2.Enter the message content

  • if you need to add materials to the template, click upload directly or drag and drop upload.
    • The image supports. jpeg .png. The size is limited to 5MB.
    • The video supports. mp4 .3gp. The size is limited to 16MB.
    • The file supports any valid file type. The size is limited to 100MB.
  • If there are variables in the template, you need to enter the content.

Confirm sending

After completing the configuration of parameters, click "Send", prompt "Sent successfully" to view the delivery status in the history.

Session Chat

This page allows customer service agents in your organization to chat with users in real time and view the chat history with a user, including the messages they have replied to you.

Message history is saved for 30 days by default, for longer periods, please contact EngageLab customer service.

Adding Sessions

Once you enter the page, you need to add a session to the My Sessions list first. There are 2 ways to do this

  • Click the + sign on the My Sessions page to add a session.

  • On the all sessions page, select a number to start a chat.

Remove Sessions

You can remove a recipient's number from My Sessions. The removal does not delete the number's data, and you can find the number in All Sessions and add it back to My Sessions. Removal is usually performed when.

  • The session with the user has been completed
  • The number of My Sessions is online (100)

Editing notes

For easy identification of users, editing of notes (up to 30 characters) on recipient numbers is supported in 2 ways

  • Edit in My Sessions

  • Edit in All Sessions

Message sending

The currently supported message types are: template messages, text messages, rich text messages, images, voice, video, and files. The message will be displayed in the chat history and history page.

Note: If the user replied to your last message more than 24 hours ago, you can only send a template message if it is successful.

Chat History

The chat history page will show all the chats between the sending number and the recipient under this WhatsApp business account. If you need to see the records of individual sending numbers, you can use the filter function.

All Sessions

The All Sessions list shows all recipient numbers that have made contact with "the sending number of this WhatsApp business account", and the meaning of the contact is.

  • The company sent a message to the number (API, page action)
  • The user replied to the message to the enterprise

Customer service staff can view these numbers here and select "Start Chat" to communicate with the user.

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