API Keys

Last updated:2023-03-07

You need a forensic key to call the API to send messages and manage templates, so please go to the "API key" page to create one first.

If you need to fill in the API key to use in the third party platform, we suggest you to contact the customer service to apply for the qualification, Meta and EngageLab will review the qualification of the third party platform and sign the relevant agreement, otherwise the security and confidentiality of the data need to be agreed between you and the third party platform at your own risk. Otherwise, the security and confidentiality of the data will be guaranteed by you and the third party platform at your own risk.

Create a key

If you haven't created a key yet, click "Create Now" to create it.

Fill in the API key description, expiration date, IP whitelist, and select API permissions.

  • For security reasons, if you need "only a few systems can use this secret key to call the API", please set the IP, and you can disregard the setting of this information during the testing phase.
  • API permissions control whether the key supports the Messaging API and Template Management API. in addition, multiple send numbers are supported when selecting the Messaging API.

After the creation is successful, the system automatically generates the DevKey and DevSecret.

  • Click the entire row of data to go to the details page, obtain the DevKey and DevSecret, and copy them to your development.

Edit key

If you need to edit the API key, click "Edit" to enter the edit API key page, where you can modify the key description, reset the Devsecret, modify the expiration date, IP whitelist and API permissions.

Disable key

If you want to disable a key, click "Disable", and then click "Edit" to see that the status will change to "Disable".

Enable key

If you disable a key and need to re-enable it, click "Enable".

Delete a key

If you want to delete a key, click "Delete" to delete it after two confirmations.

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