A Complete Guide to Elevate Your Digital Marketing Game

A Complete Guide to Elevate Your Digital Marketing Game

Being an entrepreneur means managing many activities daily. Even a single business domain, marketing, has its own challenges. These include capturing leads, maximizing reach, customer retention, and interacting with customers. Advancements in the IT industry have further intensified the competition, as there are several software and applications for this purpose.

Still, an effective push notification marketing strategy can significantly enhance your brand's customer reach. Businesses often ignore these small messages, but if used carefully, they can enhance brand loyalty and customer engagement. As the digital audience has become increasingly savvy about how brands reach out to them, a well-crafted push notification marketing strategy is crucial for successful businesses.

If you are unfamiliar with push notification advertising, this blog has you covered. We will discuss push notification best practices and everything you need to begin your marketing journey with these well-timed, personalized notifications.

What is a Push Notification Marketing Strategy?

All of you are familiar with the small notifications that suddenly appear on your phone's screen. They can appear when using a particular app or even on a locked phone screen. These pop-up messages are push notifications. You might have noticed notifications in the corner of your laptop screen that update you on the latest news.

Even that small pop-up message on Facebook or Instagram about a friend’s comment on your recent post is a push notification. You will be directed to the website or webpage providing detailed and well-explained information regarding that update by clicking on the pop-up message.


When push notifications are everywhere, why not use them for marketing purposes? Of course, they can serve as the quickest and most effective way of updating your customers regarding your recent articles, discount offers, and much more. Thus, a push notification marketing strategy involves crafting, scheduling, and sending promotional messages through push technology. The user engagement rate of push notification marketing is 50% higher than email marketing campaigns.

A push notification marketing strategy outlines the best approach to leveraging these notifications to meet your marketing objectives. You need to focus on minor details while planning your push notification advertising, considering the design/content of messages, scheduling sending time for messages, the frequency of these notifications, targeted apps or websites, etc.

Push notification marketing has several benefits over traditional marketing. Here’s why this marketing strategy is valuable:

  • Increased User Engagements—Compared to traditional marketing channels, customers notice and open push notifications more frequently. By carefully designing and delivering these notifications, user engagement can be substantially increased.
  • Higher Conversions—Push notifications can direct users to take desired actions. Whether you’re promoting your product, content, or service, carefully crafted push notifications can nudge users to try your product/service.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty—By sending regular updates to your customers (regarding sales, latest collections, and hot-selling items), they'll feel valued and respected. This will enhance customers' trust in your brand and keep it on customers' top priority list.
  • Real-time Communication—While emails remain unopened for days in customers' mailboxes, users immediately receive push notifications, allowing real-time communication between customers and the brand. This strategy most suits time-sensitive information like order updates and limited-time offers.
  • Measurable Insights—The effectiveness of these push notifications can be easily tracked and analyzed through clicks, open rates, conversion rates, etc. Businesses can gain critical insights and modify their push notification marketing.

Although there are many uses of push notifications, their business utilization is admirable. Businesses can better utilize such tactics to keep in touch with their customers and send them real-time updates about their brands.


Top 8 Push Notification Marketing Strategy 2024

You can boost your customer outreach and engagements by carefully crafting your push notification marketing strategy. So, given below are some actionable tricks and techniques you can use to level up your push notification game in 2024.

Begin with a Compelling Opt-in Message

You can’t send further messages or notifications unless the user permits by pressing the “allow notifications” button. So, your opt-in message should be compelling and eye-catching.

The trick is to answer "why you should subscribe to our campaign" while crafting your opt-in message. You may consider offering a discount on your subscribers' first purchase, but it should reflect the value you'll deliver to your customers.


Understanding your audience is the key to crafting a compelling first message. This will help you grab the customer's attention on the first go and boom! You’ve traversed the root step of your push notification marketing strategy. With EngageLab, users will receive a customized request when visiting your website. This personalized notification compels the audience to subscribe to your push notification marketing strategy and a native browser request is sent to interested users.

Giving Value to Your Customers

While sending push notifications to your customers, ensure you’re not overstepping or irritating them with unnecessary messages. Each message considered for your push notification marketing strategy should deliver value to the client. This can be achieved by updating them on the discount offers, order summary, and latest products.

Most of the time, people simply copy content from their email into push notifications, which is ineffective. Push messages should be carefully crafted by analyzing customers' communication behavior and engagement context.

The more you interact with the audience, the better your brand reputation and profitability will be. You need to reach your audience on as many platforms as possible. EngageLab provides you with an option of integration with various platforms. It provides the most convenient way to integrate your website with the platform. It hardly takes 3 minutes to integrate your website using domain configuration and SDK integration.

Segmenting Your Target Audience

The key to successful push notification advertising is providing a personalized experience to your audience. This can be achieved by dividing your audience into small segments or groups based on demographics, previous interactions, and customer behavior with the business.

For clothing, customer segments can be made based on the most viewed items and previous purchases. This will help send them personalized suggestions in push notifications, like notifying them when their favorite article is back in stock.

Therefore, your push notifications should always have some personal touch. Grabbing useful information from [CRM systems] and analyzing in-app customer behavior can help you segment your audience and send them personalized messages.


Timing is the Key

Sending push notifications at a suitable time will improve your customer engagement. If you keep sending messages without considering time, it might seem pushy, and you’ll lose customers. Therefore, it is crucial to identify safe hours for interacting with your target audience.

It is, therefore, recommended that businesses should consider time zone differences and the daily routine of the targeted customer segment while crafting the schedule for their push notification marketing strategy. Different timings can be experimented for hitting the time that works best for the audience.

You can reach a wider audience by sending stable and secure push notifications through EngageLab. It has the capability of sending messages across multiple browsers including Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

Consider Customer Location

The location also matters in a well-planned push notification marketing strategy. This strategy involves merging marketing with geo-targeting. By tracking customers' location, the brand can send more personalized messages, such as discounts in that area or nearby stores. This can enhance user experience and make delivering value easier for the brand.

For instance, a brand can suggest nearby stores and notify about the distance/time from the customer whenever he enters a new location. Likewise, a restaurant can provide information regarding its new menu and the most popular cuisine in that particular branch.


Employ A/B Testing for Optimization

You might have heard about bucket tests or split tests. These are most often employed in marketing strategies and involve creating two versions of the same content to identify which is most tailored to customers' preferences. You can send messages with headlines, tones, and images to identify the most effective ones.

You can test one variable at a time; for example, if you're testing for a headline, change the headline by keeping all other variables the same. The notification with the highest ROI is the one you'll consider for your future marketing strategy. To optimize your notifications, keep on testing them with A/B testing.

Make your Messages Visually Appealing

While crafting your push notification marketing strategy, balance textual content and graphics well. Text-only messages seem dull, and users ignore them. On the contrary, visuals make them more appealing. Enriching your notifications with videos, images, and GIFs can potentially increase click-through rates.

Using EngageLab's built-in statistics, you can monitor the progress and effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It permits you to examine message funnel analysis, important statistics (delivery rates, new subscribers, active users, click-throughs, etc.), and after-effect analysis. By checking customers’ responses to your messages, you can improve them to obtain optimum results.

Providing the Audience with an Easy Opt-out

The purpose of any marketing strategy, whether digital or traditional, is to convert user engagements into potential sale conversions. If customers are not interested in your product/service, then there’s no point in keeping them bound. As every customer has the right to unsubscribe from promotional campaigns, you should make an easy opt-out for them.

The opt-out will vary from platform to platform, but it should be as simple as possible. You might consider turning off push notifications from the device’s settings or providing an unsubscribe button with the message. Revised and modified push notification marketing strategies can target the unsubscribing audience again.

How to Create My Push Notification Marketing Strategy with EngageLab?

Push notification marketing strategy is the most effective tool for grabbing potential customers, but the retailer must do a lot to make this marketing strategy successful. Numerous marketing platforms assist retailers.

However, with so many options on the internet, it is difficult to choose the best one. EngageLab Web Push is the most effective and user-friendly option for push notification marketing. Here are some key features that make EngageLab the best choice.


💡Simple Registration & Account Set Up

EngageLab provides a user-friendly interface which makes it an ideal push notification service provider for beginners. You can avail a free trial by opening the services webpage. You just need to sign up using your email address and phone number. A verification code will be sent to your provided email address, and you can activate your account immediately.


💡Activating Service

EngageLab provides several services to meet your push notification advertising needs. After logging in to your account, you will be directed to a product overview page where you can choose from several services. You can easily activate your web push or app push service with a single click.


💡Creating an Application

By clicking on the send message button, you will be directed to EngageLab’s console where you can create your new application. It will require three things, your application name, service access point, and application icon. Please keep the application name and icon as close to your brand’s name and logo as possible. This will create a positive impact on customers.


💡Access the SDK

You can access the latest versions by visiting our SDK download page.


💡SDK Integration & Testing

This is the last step of creating your push notification marketing strategy with EngageLab. You are required to integrate your push notifications with overseas mobile manufacturer channels. You can follow the documentation steps in our SDK documentation.



A push notification marketing strategy is the most effective way to interact with your audience in real-time and compel them to purchase. A well-crafted push notification strategy can provide several benefits, from lead generation to better user experience. In addition to careful content generation, you should seek help from a marketing platform to make the job easier.

EngageLab can serve this purpose effectively by promising higher delivery rates and a smooth user experience. Begin your marketing journey today by exploring the exciting features of EngageLab!

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