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Last updated:2022-12-13

In addition to the native Android SDK and iOS SDK, Engagelab also offers plugins for integration with mainstream development tools.

Official Maintain

The officially maintained version is placed on Github - Engagelab Developer as an open source release. If you need to download the packaged version, please click "Releases" on the corresponding project page to download the release package you want.
The official plugin address contains: installation methods, demos (inside the example folder), API documentation, and FAQ, so please refer to it carefully by developers.


Aurora Push plugin based on Uniapp development, and a demo integrated into iOS/Android projects.
Official Address:


Official Address:

React Native

Official Address:

Swift Demo

Official Address:


Official address:


Official address:


Official address:

Technical Support

  • Priority support: development will prioritize issues raised on each plugin's GitHub page
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