Push Statistics

Last updated:2022-12-05

Parameter description

Go to the [Statistics] - [Push Statistics] page, you can view the chart and detailed data of the push target, push quantity, number of clicks and customized clicks.You can filter by platform, channel, APP version, and date.

  • Push target: The number of users that has matched the push condition.
  • Push Quantity: Portal and API operations are calculated together, including notifications and custom messages. The number of Android platform push is the total number of users' actual push in successes. The number of third-party channels is based on the number of Engagelab push calls to the target platform's API in successes. The push quantity of iOS platform is the quantity of Engagelab push successfully sent to APNs.
  • Number of clicks: the number of times users open the application by clicking the message in notification bar. For Android applications, you need to implement the statistical analysis API first.
  • Customized Click: for Android, you need to call the Android statistics API “reportnotificationopened” to use customize message push. IOS, no this interface.


Export data

Click "Export" on the right to export detailed data. image.png

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