Callback Settings


If the business system of the enterprise needs to get "message status" and "message response" information, you need to configure a callback address here.

  • Message status: After sending a message, the status of the message is sent, delivered, read, etc.
  • Message response: The response events such as the user sent a message or the user replied a message to you.

Configure callbacks

Go to [Configuration Management] - [Callback Settings] page, you can configure the callback, click "Set Now".

  • Fill in the callback description and callback address.
  • Check the callback event to push the message to the callback address you set after the selected event occurs.
  • Click the message status and message response on the right to see the corresponding example.

After configuring the callback, you can click on the prompt to view the opened message status and message response.

Edit Callbacks

If you need to make changes to the callback configuration, click "Edit".

Support modifying callback description, callback address and callback event.

Delete Callback

If you want to delete a callback address, click "Delete", and then you can delete it after two confirmations.

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