Product Overview

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Engagelab AppPush is a professional App message pushing service platform with a daily average message volume of over 10 billion, AppPush supports Android, iOS and other platforms.

SDK access is easy and fast, the push channel is high-speed and stable, the API open interface is powerful, flexible and easy to use, and the WEB side supports the creation of notifications, post-effect analysis, and troubleshooting and other operational functions.

Supported channel types

supported Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Supported message types

Message Type notification message
supported Yes Yes

Notification style support

Notification style default style thumbnail style large picture style text style inbox style custom style
Supported Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

View the style details:Local Notification Message

Support for sending policies

On the API side, developers can develop sending policies based on vendor channels.

Message Type send policy fields send policy field values and definitions
Notification sending policy distribution_new
  • mtpush:Indicates that push is forcibly sent through engagelab channel.
  • fcm_mtpush:This means that the push is forced to be sent through the FCM Channel first. If the push is invalid, the push is sent through the engagelab channel again.
  • pns_mtpush:Indicates that the push is forced to be sent through the Xiaomi/Huawei/Meizu/oppo/vivo channel, and the engagelab channel is invalid.
  • mtpush_fcm:This means that for users of the combination of FCM and domestic manufacturers, the push priority is engagelab, and the engagelab is offline and then goes through the FCM channel, which is used as an assistant.
  • mtpush_pns:This means that for users of the combination of FCM and domestic vendors, the push priority is engagelab, and the engagelab is offline and then the vendor channel is used as an assistant.
  • Statistical analysis support

    APP dimension statistics function

    Statistical function Description
    data Overview
  • Supports real-time statistics of message data at an hourly granularity to show the comparison of today's and yesterday's data trends.
  • You can view the data of yesterday's push and conversion funnel, and view the data of yesterday's delivery rate and click-through rate.
  • You can view the latest device notification permission opening rate.
  • Allows you to view historical push and conversion trend data in different platforms and channels.
  • Allows you to view the loss statistics of historical push messages in different platforms, channels, and stages.
  • push user statistics
  • Allows you to view and push user historical data by platform, channel, and APP version.
  • You can view data such as new users, online users, active users, and uninstalled users in a custom time range on a daily or monthly basis.
  • MessageID dimension statistics

    Statistical function Description
    Message push statistics
  • supports push conversion statistics of four basic message types: notification bar messages, custom messages, SMS messages, and in-app reminder messages.
  • You can view the delivery rate, display rate, and click rate of the msgid dimension.
  • You can view the number of valid targets, the number of sends, the number of displays, and the number of clicks in the msgid dimension by platform or channel.
  • REST API capability support

    API item Description
  • through PUSH API, developers can complete all the message PUSH functions of the AppPush and easily build PUSH operation plans in their own operation background.
  • API provides more powerful and flexible APIs than push portal pages.
  • Schedule API
  • developers can use Schedule API to push all messages regularly.
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