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The digital world is continuously changing, and with it, communication is evolving as well. Businesses have become more competitive than ever to find the best strategies to attract their customers. Among all the hustle, communication has proven to be one of the best strategies available.

There are two effective digital communication tools: Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Short Message Services (SMS). Both of these options provide good communication opportunities, but they both have some disadvantages as well. Let’s explore RCS vs SMS and understand what is best based on your business requirements.

What is RCS Messaging?

RCS is a messaging channel for Android users. The channel was developed to replace SMS. They wanted a more interactive and effective communication medium. RCS has advanced features similar to those of WeChat or iMessage.

RCS was introduced by the GSM Association (GSMA). They aimed to create an interactive messaging platform. This platform is feature-rich, combines the best features of other messaging apps, and has a universal reach. This messaging is an enhanced version of traditional messaging. The company wanted to provide customers with something more advanced.

what is rcs message


  • img RCS has rich media support. It means that it supports high-quality images, videos, and audio. Being able to watch high-resolution videos on such messages enhances the consumer experience with the company.
  • img RCS has advanced features such as reading markers, typing indications, and a real-time feedback system that make it a more interactive service.
  • img There is also the feature of group messaging. In group messages, several customers can be a part of one communication where brands can send their messages.
  • img On top of all these pros, RCS also integrates well with other communication channels, which means it does not require anything extra to work for a company.


  • img Though RCS is a magnificent service, it still needs to be supported by all devices and carriers. This limitation restricts its ability to work universally.
  • img RCS requires internet connection to communicate with customers. This can prove to be an issue in remote areas with low internet connectivity.
  • img All the features of RCS attract users, but they also put it at risk. All the advanced features of an internet connection can worry users about their privacy.

Will Apple/iOS Ever Adopt RCS?

Now, you understand what is rcs messaging. Now, many businesses and other users ask about the adaptability of Apple RCS. Since the launch of RCS, its popularity has been growing. Currently, iOS devices only use iMessage and SMS. There is no support for RCS. In 2023, Apple announced support for RCS on its devices. The journey was long, but Apple finally understood the growing market potential for this innovative messaging. The incorporation of RCS into Apple devices is supposed to take place in 2024. Though more details are yet to be revealed on how and when we are hopeful it will be soon. RCS will work alongside iMessage. Soon, users will be able to see Apple RCS.

What is SMS?

SMS is a short message service. It is a traditional text service that has been used since the early 1990s. An SMS is a short text consisting of about 160 characters. It uses a cellular network to pass from one phone to another. SMS is supported by all devices universally, which makes it more efficient. In the race of RCS vs SMS, SMS is reliable and supports all carrier devices.

what is sms

Main Features and Functions

One of the most important features of SMS is that it is a universal texting service. It means that no matter where you are or which phone you are using, this text message will find you.

The second feature of SMS is that it works on cellular data. It does not require internet connectivity to work.

SMS has a 90% open rate, which means they are highly efficient. This rate makes SMS the most effective communication method in emergencies.

In RCS vs SMS, it is easy to understand and use SMS. A person with no electronic knowledge can learn it easily and use it.

Feature RCS SMS
Main Support It supports videos, audio, and images Only text
Interactivity Typing indication, read-receipts, feedback There is no real-time interaction
Group Messaging Robust group messaging Limited group messaging
Branding Colors, designs, and custom logos Simple texts without branding
Delivery Method An Internet connection is required Works on cellular network
Device Compatibility Only compatible with RCS-enabled devices Compatible with all mobile devices
Security End-to-end encryption Secure
Adoption As announced by Apple rcs will be universally adopted after Apple adopts it in 2024 Universally adopted

RCS vs. SMS: Which One More Closely Aligns with Your Business Objectives?

The Prospects of RCS Replacing SMS

Though RCS is growing, taking over SMS seems a little far-fetched. SMS has been universally adopted, but RCS is still to be adopted by Apple. Users are still waiting to see Apple RCS. In developed countries, the majority of the market is dominated by Apple. It means that in major markets, we still do not know about the capabilities of RCS. Regardless of the barrier, RCS is expected to grow as it provides more features than SMS. SMS may be replaced by RCS in the future. Areas with low connectivity and small business owners still prefer SMS, as it is universally adopted.

Recommendations or Businesses

Now, after reading all that information about both services and knowing what is RCS messaging, you must wonder what will be the right choice for your business. It is not that simple. After looking at the drawbacks, maybe you are considering SMS. But even though it is a difficult choice because both services have their pros and cons, a good decision can be made based on some strategic planning.

When to Use RCS

First, businesses need to understand what RCS messaging is to understand its potential. If you have a retail business, then RCS can be used for brand promotion. While communicating with customers, businesses can directly send links and other information in the chat.

RCS does not only help businesses send brand images; it also allows businesses to send company logos, brand colors, and customize layouts.

Its robust group messaging is highly efficient for event organizers, small businesses, and educational events. Be it a notification or an update, it can be sent to everyone at once using RCS. RCS supports features such as removing and adding participants, threaded conversations, and read-receipts for group members.

When to Use SMS

SMS can be used for widespread reach. SMS works on everyone’s phone and communication devices, such as tablets. SMS is suitable for businesses that have products in diverse markets. In a geographical area where technology usage varies, SMS can prove to be helpful in spreading the news among customers

An SMS can be sent immediately to users. If businesses want to send important information, such as store closing time changes, discounts, emergencies, etc., then SMS is a good medium.

SMS provides simple messaging and clear messages. It can be a quick update or a service notification, such as money crediting or debiting in your account, a purchase from the supermarket, or upcoming promotions.

EngageLab: Supporting Diverse Messaging Needs

EngageLab provides its users with a range of messaging solutions that include different types of push notifications and communication channels such as RCS and SMS. Users can understand what is rcs messaging using EngageLab’s platform. Businesses can enjoy high delivery rates and affordable messaging strategies. Services are curated to meet the specific requirements of businesses.

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EngageLab makes sure your messages get delivered by using many different channels. This includes SMS, RCS, email, app push notifications, web push notifications, and social media messaging apps. If you are looking for a messaging solution, then EngageLab is the place for you.

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Where RCS provides customers with a highly interactive platform. SMS is very reliable and can reach almost everyone, making it great for urgent messages and easy. It is suitable for widespread communication.

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By understanding customer segments, businesses can adopt RCS or SMS. To make an informed decision, it is important to gain information about the channels. EngageLab does that. It not only provides you with services, but also informs you about the best suitable options for your businesses. Connect with EngageLab now to take your business one step further!

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