Integration settings

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  1. Enter the [Application Settings]-[Integration Settings]-[Android] page, and fill in the application package name.

    Once the package name is specified, it cannot be changed. Enter it with caution.

  2. If you need to use the manufacturer channel, please refer to Application Guide for Manufacturer Channel Parameters to obtain the parameters and complete the parameter filling. image.png


Certificate Configuration

  1. Enter the [App Settings] - [Integration Settings] - [iOS] page, select "iOS Certificate Configuration" for the authentication method, upload the .p12 certificate, and Engagelab will authenticate your application in the background. For certificate creation, please refer to the iOS Certificate Setting Guide.
  2. Apple's production push certificate is allowed to be used for the push of the development environment. If you select Use the production certificate for the development environment, developers can only upload the production certificate, and then they can select the development environment to push on the official website push platform, without the need to generate and Upload the development certificate. image.png

Token Authentication Configuration

Go to the [Application Settings]-[Integration Settings]-[iOS] page, select "Token Authentication Configuration" as the Authentication method, upload APNs Auth Key file, fill in your KEY ID,Team ID, and the Bundle ID of the specified application, Engagelab authenticate your application in the background. APNs Auth Key document production reference iOS Certificate Setting Guide . image.png

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