Official Use



  1. Before formal use, please make sure to create another domain and API_ USER, do not use the test domain and API_USER.
  2. Estimate your own sending volume and purchase the sending volume of e-mail.
  3. EngageLab has a limit on the sending quota for each account. For details, please refer to request quota of the day. If the quota cannot meet the business needs, please contact customer service.

Daily Use

Optimize Sending

How to improve the transmission efficiency and effect can be seen in the following points:

  • Trigger and bulk mail under the same domain, do not send mixed.
  • Reduce the situation that email address does not exist and format error.
  • Don't violate the rules and regulations, don't fabricate the contents of e-mail, and don't use the same contents repeatedly.
  • There are more optimization schemes for S +, which can be opened on demand.
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