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How do I troubleshoot exceptions in iOS delivery statistics?

If the delivery rate is abnormally low (less than 20%) and the click-through rate is greater than 100%, you can troubleshoot it first. Whether the app is integrated with the notification service extension function. If not, you need to integrate this function to improve the delivery rate. For more information, see:Message display statistics

Why is the response rate of the EngageLab not consistent with that of the FCM console?

  1. Both deep dormancy application and system stop application will definitely lead to the failure to deliver the Ava message.
  2. When the application process is killed by sliding up the task manager, the message can still be delivered, but the MTPush SDK cannot monitor the delivery.
  3. Whether the application is in the foreground or background, MTPush SDK can monitor the delivery as long as the process is in.
  4. There is no delivery receipt service for the MTPush SDK, and the delivery rate cannot be accurately monitored.
    Therefore, in the absence of a PVS callback, the number of EngageLab PVS delivered to the PVS server is actually counted, while the number of PVS displayed is close to the number of PVS delivered to the device terminals counted by PVS. To sum up, in most cases, the transmission rate of the Engagelab is higher than that of the console.

If an App cannot be listed on the app market in mainland China due to certain restrictions, but some target users are in mainland China, how should the channel settings be configured to reach these users? Are there any precautions to be aware of?

Please read the Push Instructions for Overseas Manufacturer Channels to check the reachability of users in China and abroad for each mobile manufacturer channel.

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