WhatsApp data metrics

  1. Indicators: invalid mobile phone number (deemed unregistered), delivery ( delivered) , read ( read).
  2. The invalid status of the mobile phone number is returned in real time after calling the API. The delivery and read status can be obtained through callback.
  3. In the read status, you need to WhatsApp the user to enable the read receipt function of the App itself.

Can I know whether the sending is successful or failed in real time?

The Enterprise calls the EngageLab API to send WhatsApp message, and the callback data is also called back to the enterprise by the EngageLab system. If the request is sent successfully, data will be returned immediately. If the request is delivered, the callback will be made based on the actual situation.

How long does a callback return data?

After a message is sent for one month, no data is sent back. EngageLab, the message is timed out.

Are there any bill details?

  • WhatsApp the platform does not have message details for each message, EngageLab records the details.
  • Bills are classified by region. Prices vary from region to region.

What is the delivery rate of WhatsApp?

Based on the data provided by Meta customers, the delivery rate of WhatsApp to transactional notification (including shipping, order update, OTP, etc.) is 95%.

Phone number unregistered WhatsApp data

  1. Before sending a message, you cannot determine whether the phone number has a registration WhatsApp, and no relevant API is available.
  2. After the callback is sent, it can be judged according to the callback status. The enterprise can perform the next step according to the callback information, such as sending a new SMS message.
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