Facebook Account Exception


Suspended account

  1. When your account is deactivated, you will receive an email reminder, and this prompt will appear when you log in to the Facebook official website, you can click Objection, submit information as required, and then wait for the review.
  2. If the review fails, try go to this page appeal again.
  3. If you still fail, you can only change Facebook account.

Limited advertising permission

  1. This prompt may occur when creating a Meta business account, causing the creation to fail.
  2. Go 「 account content quality 」 Page to appeal.
  3. If the appeal fails, contact EngageLab customer service for assistance.

Suggestions for using Facebook accounts

  1. Follow Facebook community code
  2. A few days or even weeks before you create a Facebook account, do not register WhatsApp a business account or other operations. First, perform some normal operations such as logging in, publishing information, and editing personal information of the Facebook account.
  3. Do not frequently switch to multiple Facebook accounts on the same computer.
  4. Do not log on to the same Facebook account frequently on multiple computers.
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