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Services for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has 3 services: WhatsApp App, WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API, EngageLab accesses WhatsApp Business API.

Services Introduction
WhatsApp Messenger 1. Personal App, instant messaging software, similar to WeChat, has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, covering more than 180 countries.
2. Download, install, and register the app in the store to use it, free of charge.
WhatsApp Business 1. Compared with the personal version, the business version of the app adds keyword auto-reply, customer label setting, business information/working hours.
2. It is suitable for local merchants and small and medium-sized enterprises. It has no API interface and only allows one customer service to use it. It is free.
3. Template messages cannot be sent. It is analogous to enterprise WeChat, but does not have the enterprise internal communication management function of enterprise WeChat
WhatsApp Business API 1. API interface, no app, you can apply for the green logo of an officially certified enterprise, and pay.
2. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises and cross-border enterprises that need to connect with customer relationship management platforms, call centers, customer service dialogue platforms, etc., do data analysis, and obtain richer functions.
3. Through the access of the business solution provider (BSP: Business Solution Provider), templates can be created, information can be sent in batches, and multiple customer services can be accessed.
4. It is similar to the API interface of the WeChat public account, but it does not require users to pay attention to the commercial account, and it can be delivered with a registered mobile phone number.

WhatsApp Business API

With the WhatsApp open platform, medium and large companies can communicate with their customers at scale. You can quickly start conversations with customers, send them service notifications or shopping updates, provide them with a degree of personalization, and support them through their preferred contact channel.
EngageLab, an official partner of Meta WhatsApp, provides WhatsApp Business API services for enterprises, offering all the features of the official API interface, which can be accessed on EngageLab official website to learn and open the services.

WhatsApp message style

Support "text" "image" "voice" "video" "file" "geolocation" "list" "quick reply button" "product list" "template message" and other message types. The following are some examples of message styles.

WhatsApp session top information

1.The phone number registered in the WhatsApp Business account is displayed by default.

2.If the user put your number in the address book, the name in the address book will be displayed.

3.After OBA authentication, the display name of the phone number will be shown and there is an authentication logo.

The advantages of WhatsApp compared with SMS

1.SMS/phone must be covered by cell phone signal, but WhatsApp is based on network, so it is possible to receive messages without cell phone signal but with WiFi.
2.Based on the data provided by Meta customers, the delivery rate of WhatsApp for transactional notification (including shipping, order update, OTP, etc.) is 95%.
3.SMS is charged according to the number of messages and words, and WhatsApp only charges once in 24 hours.

  • WhatsApp's billing logic can better cope with the problem of blackmail.

4.Message display style is richer. For more advantages, please read: "N reasons to use WhatsApp for overseas user operation".

WhatsApp regional distribution data

WhatsApp's global coverage by country/region is as follows (data for reference only) 全球分布-水印.jpg

Region Coverage
Kenya 97.00%
Brazil 96.40%
Switzerland 95.90%
South Africa 95.40%
Nigeria 95.00%
Mexico 94.30%
Argentina 93.00%
Netherlands 92.90%
Malaysia 92.00%
Colombia 92.00%
Spain 91.00%
Italy 90.30%
Ghana 89.90%
Romania 89.20%
Israel 89.20%
Portugal 89.00%
Turkey 88.00%
Saudi Arabia 87.40%
Indonesia 87.00%
Ireland 84.60%
Finland 84.00%
Singapore 83.70%
Russia 83.70%
Germany 83.60%
Costa Rica 83.00%
Pakistan 82.00%
Austria 81.60%
India 81.20%
United Arab Emirates 80.20%
Chile 80.00%
Dominican Republic 77.00%
Tunisia 75.00%
Jordan 75.00%
Lebanon 75.00%
Qatar 75.00%
United Arab Emirates 75.00%
United Kingdom 74.80%
Uruguay 72.00%
Belgium 71.40%
Ecuador 71.00%
Panama 70.00%
Egypt 70.00%
France 55.70%
Honduras 55.00%
Venezuela 53.00%
Peru 53.00%
Poland 49.80%
Zimbabwe 44.00%
Canada 42.40%
Czech Republic 41.00%
Australia 32.90%
Sweden 30.00%
United States 28.60%
Denmark 22.70%
Thailand 20.00%
Vietnam 4.00%
Algeria 0.60%
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