Official Corporate Certification


Basic instructions

If you want to officially launch WhatsApp service, you need to authenticate your Meta business account as a business.
The certification of Meta business account can be completed in 2 days in general, but if your information does not meet the requirements, you will be called back for re-certification. Therefore, we recommend to arrange the authentication operation in advance, and if you encounter problems, you can solve them in advance.

Authentication process

It is recommended to check the official Meta documentation, which details the supported file types and the reasons for not passing the certification. The following is a description of EngageLab's experience with the enterprise certification process.
Login to Meta's Business Management Platform, select Meta Business Account, go to Security Center, and click Start Authentication.

Selecting a country/region

Notes for selecting a country/region in the first step.

  • Which verification method you can select when verifying the number on the Sending number management screen depends on the country/region selection here.
  • The selection here will determine what the international area code of the phone number will be in the next step.
  • If you make a wrong selection, you can go back and change it before submitting it in the last step.

Add the details of the organization

1.Please make sure to fill in the information on the company's "business license" or "business registration certificate" or "registration certificate" and other documents.
2.The phone number you fill in needs to be in some company document to prove that the number belongs to your company, so do not fill it in randomly.

  • If you do not use the phone number for verification in the subsequent steps, it is not mandatory to have the phone number in some documents.
  • If your company does not already have a company phone number in the registered area, you will need to apply for one (you can contact EngageLab customer service for assistance), or you can fill in your employees' phone numbers.

Select contact information

after you enter the organization information, Meta is identified. If the recognition fails, you need to upload a file to verify the information. There are several verification methods as shown in the figure. Note:

  • email verification: you must have the same email address as the website domain name. We recommend that you use this method for authentication. You do not need to prove that the phone number belongs to your company when uploading files later. You only need to include the company name and address in the files.
  • Phone/SMS verification: the verification code is sent to the phone number filled in the previous step. When uploading files later, you need to prove that the phone number belongs to your company, usually uploading water and electricity bills.
  • Domain name verification: you need to provide a website domain name that can be accessed and upload files containing the organization name and address.

Add supported files

reference for file types supported for verification submit documents to verify the organization , upload official document verification company .

Several details to improve the certification pass rate

1.The email address of the Facebook account administrator of the Meta business account must be consistent with your company domain name.

2.The company details on the business management platform should be consistent with the information you filled in during the authentication.

3.For the company domain name filled in, the web page after opening the address needs to reflect the name of the company you authenticated. Take the EngageLab official website as an example. Generally, the affiliation company of the website will be reflected in several places as shown in the figure.

  • If there is no company information in the website, please add it.
  • It is recommended to take a screenshot of the page on your website that reflects the company's information, and attach this screenshot to the supporting documents.

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