Compliance and Qualification


WhatsApp's requirements for business qualification

1.WhatsApp official business policy requirements:

  • If the business information and website address you fill in when you register your account belong to the category of services prohibited by the business policy, it will lead to the blocking of WhatsApp account. So if you find that your account is blocked after two days after registration, you can check your business information as a priority.
  • If you find that your competitor (same industry) has applied for WhatsApp account successfully, there are several possibilities.
    • They applied very early and the business policy was more relaxed at that time
    • Their business name remained the same, but the information displayed on the official website address provided is not the business that the service is prohibited, such as perhaps the website of one of the company's sub-businesses (the relationship between the business and the company's name is indicated in the website)
    • They use other allowed business information such as "sub-business" "subsidiary" to apply, and the business name and website address are changed

2.Compliance with WhatsApp Business messaging policy and business policy:

WhatsApp compliance requirements for sending messages

1.Done otp-in user authorization .
2.template message review requirements and reasons for suspension some precautions are also mentioned.

EngageLab's WhatsApp service qualification

On the WhatsApp Business API service, EngageLab has signed a cooperation agreement with Meta, and is an official certified BSP with a dedicated technical team to serve us.You have also earned the Meta Business Partners certification badge, which can be found on the Meta Partners website.

Enterprise qualification/compliance review

  1. The customer group distribution area of the enterprise needs to be WhatsApp distribution area match.
  2. The enterprise needs to provide business scenarios, message examples, and message magnitude (daily/monthly) to ensure that the message content to be sent is compliant, and pornography gambling content is prohibited. Otherwise, the enterprise's WhatsApp business accounts will be banned, official documentation .
  3. Before sending a WhatsApp message to a user, the Enterprise must seek the user's consent (it can add notification instructions in any enterprise channel such as websites and apps, or it can be a weak notification instructions). Otherwise, the user will lodge a complaint after receiving the message, resulting in WhatsApp business account being officially warned-> throttling-> blocked. For more information, see official description .
  4. EngageLab do not accept only WhatsApp is used as a marketing channel, and it is aimed no business contacts in a scenario where the content of the message is easily complained, users do not have any expectations/perceptions about the message sent or the enterprise sending the message. This scenario is equivalent to harassing text messages.
  5. need to follow WhatsApp official business policy requirements .
  6. official policy interpretation .

Become an EngageLab Partner

If you have your own products and want to provide WhatsApp service to your existing customers after integrating EngageLab's WhatsApp API in your products, you can apply to be EngageLab's partner. 1.You need to sign the ISV agreement 2.The company is a partner of EngageLab, and it is prohibited to advertise as a WhatsApp/Meta partner. 3.The enterprise's customers still need to register WhatsApp account in EngageLab and pay the fee according to EngageLab's WhatsApp billing method

  • If you want to integrate the automated registration process, please contact your account manager.
  • Companies cannot charge customers for WhatsApp on top of EngageLab's WhatsApp billing, and are only allowed to charge for value-added services for their own products.

Migrate to EngageLab from other BSPs

If you already have a service in another WhatsApp BSP, you can migrate the service to EngageLab, please contact your account manager for details.

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