whatsApp zero-tap authentication templates best practices

อัพเดทล่าสุด :2024-02-27

Zero-tap authentication message templates can help make two-factor authentication a faster and more seamless process for customers who use your app. Try the following best practices for app design before you enable zero-tap authentication for your WhatsApp Business account.

  1. Provide your customers the option to receive authentication messages through WhatsApp.
  2. Don’t set the default channel to receive authentication messages to WhatsApp.
  • Set customer expectations. Clearly highlight to customers that the authentication code will automatically fill in when they select WhatsApp for authentication. This will help ensure customers know to expect that the code they get through WhatsApp will be automatically filled in.
  1. Be clear in your communication: We encourage businesses to be clear about how they are requesting a one-time-password. For example, you can also include an email update or an in-app notification about this.
  2. Provide additional guidance: Businesses can write their own help center article and link to this one, which provides additional information about security codes that automatically fill in on WhatsApp.

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