Usage restrictions

อัพเดทล่าสุด :2023-03-08

WhatsApp account restrictions

Project Description
number of message templates up to 250
number of phone numbers each WhatsApp Business account (WABA) can register 25 phone numbers. If you need to upgrade, please contact the account manager.
WABA quantity an unlimited number of WABA can be created under a Meta business account (business management platform account)
WABA ownership 1 WABA can only belong to one Meta business account (business management platform account) . Therefore, you cannot migrate the WABA of one company to another, but you can migrate the phone number from one WABA to another.
WABA information
  • you can edit the WABA information before you officially recharge the EngageLab and apply for a launch.
  • The time zone and currency of the WABA cannot be edited after the official recharge or online application.
  • WhatsApp message limit

    1.When the request exceeds the message limit, an error is reported.

    Timing Description
    I have just completed embedded registration and have not done enterprise certification. Official documentation
  • reply to conversations initiated by customers within the 24-hour delivery period.
  • Within 24 consecutive hours, each phone number sends a conversation initiated by the merchant to 50 independent customers.
  • Up to 2 phone numbers can be registered.
  • After the company verification and display name verification are completed
  • for 24 consecutive hours, each phone number starts to talk to 1,000 independent customers and then increases to 10,000, 100,000, or unlimited. For more information, see the following upgrade limits
  • reply to conversations initiated by an unlimited number of customers.
  • Can apply to be official business account (OBA) .
  • Register more phone numbers.
  • 2.Upgrade restrictions Meta official website documentation the conditions for improving the limit are described in: the quality score of the phone number and the number of messages sent.

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