WhatsApp usage scenarios

อัพเดทล่าสุด :2023-03-08

General Application Scenarios

Scenario Description
security Verification 1.security is crucial in key business aspects of user registration, login, and payment.
2.Using WhatsApp for OTP services has great advantages in sending costs, timeliness, success rate, security, and user experience.
3.At the same time, user precipitation is realized on the WhatsApp, providing unlimited possibilities for subsequent transformation and operation.
New customers 1.set up Facebook advertisements when advertising in Google or Click to WhatsApp, and place WhatsApp contact buttons in self-owned channels such as e-commerce websites, apps, email signatures, call centers, etc. to guide users to communicate directly using WhatsApp.
2.Improve user experience and communication efficiency, and accumulate scattered user traffic to WhatsApp.
Continuous user conversion 1.in marketing activities such as new product promotion, brand promotion, discount and payment conversion, users can be guided to participate in the activities through WhatsApp. It can effectively improve the participation rate of activities, prolong the life cycle of users, and improve the re-purchase rate of users.
2.Users who are lost in silence can also be activated easily through member marketing methods (points Games, time-limited coupons, and promotion reminders, etc.).
Important notifications important notifications such as account change information, transaction information, logistics information, and service update messages can be sent to users through WhatsApp. Thanks to the high activity of WhatsApp, important messages will be viewed and fed back by users in a timely manner.

Industry scenarios

Industry scenario/case introduction
blockchain frequent currency price fluctuations
cross-border logistics Logistics order information
cross-border e-commerce (customer service system integrator) for cross-border e-commerce services. Use App to communicate with multiple personal accounts instead of API to communicate with each other
game 1.Silent users pull live
2.Accumulate user information, which is helpful for new games
general 1.OTP
2.Customer service
Contact Sales