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Account Creation

  1. Go to the Engagelab registration page, enter your email and password, then click "Create Account".

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  1. After entering the email verification code, fill in the organization name, website name, and select the organization's timezone.

    Note: Once the timezone is selected, it cannot be changed!

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  1. Click "Next" to access the Engagelab main page, where you can view recent visits, pending services, orders & bills, service reminders, FAQs, downloads, documentation, and more.

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Service Activation

After activating the service, the corresponding product will be displayed in the "Services Activated" section, showing a 7-day trend and conversion chart.

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Click "Send Message" to access the sub-service for that specific service.

Accessing Sub-Services

Upon first entry into the sub-service, you need to create an application.

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  • Enter the application name, ensuring no duplication within the same organization.
  • Choose the data center node to connect to, with options including Singapore, USA_Virginia, DEU_Frankfurt, and HongKong.

Once the data center node is selected, it cannot be changed. Consider user locations and other factors when choosing the data storage location. If the user location differs from the data storage location, ensure compliance with all relevant privacy and data protection regulations. Please choose carefully. Each data center has different pricing based on DAU scale (for details, consult the sales manager:

After creation, click "Enter" to access the sub-service of the application.

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Subsequently, you can directly access "AppPush" under "Recent Visits" or click "Send Message" under "Services Activated" to enter the sub-service.

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