Entering the Survey page, you can view basic user data for your application, as well as the overall conversion trend of push messages and analysis of drop-off reasons. You can also check the notification permission status of your application on the Survey page.

Basic User Data

Updated daily

  • Message Quantity: As of yesterday, the total number of messages sent by the application (msgID count).
  • New Users: As of yesterday, users who have opened the application and successfully registered for Engagelab services.
  • Active Users: As of yesterday, total active users of the application. Active users are defined as users who have opened the application at least once.
  • Users Who Turned off Notifications: As of yesterday, the total number of users who have turned off notification permissions for the application. survey

Geographic Distribution of Active Users

Updated monthly

Top 20 regions with the current distribution of active users for the application. survey2

User Device Brands and Distribution of Available Push Channels

Updated monthly

The "Available Push Channel User Distribution" reflects the distribution of all registered users within the application across different push channels. In specific cases, a user may have multiple channel identifiers (tokens), and thus may be counted multiple times. For example, OPPO smartphone users might simultaneously possess identifiers for OPPO's manufacturer channel, FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) channel, and EngageLab's proprietary channel. In this scenario, the user distribution chart will count this user in three different channels. survey6

Notification Permission Status

Updated daily

Statistics on the opening and closing of push notifications reveal user willingness to receive notifications, aiding in optimizing push strategies and measuring user engagement and retention. The number of users with notifications enabled can help determine the potential user base reachable through system channels.


Updated daily

This data provides insights into the overall push situation of the application, allowing assessment of the need to adjust push operation strategies.

survey3 survey4

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